Paz: 1:1 Holistic Counseling (60 min)

Living in Paź with your authentic self. A sacred space for you to be your true self, understand your self, learn how to regulate your nervous system, normalize triggers, learn to let go of limiting beliefs and validate your experiences and emotions. 

Paz: 1 on 1 Soul Work/Talk Therapy 60 min

Living in Paz with your authentic self as you navigate being a first-generation Latina and everything that comes with it.

I want you to feel seen and I want you to feel validated. You are not alone – I hear you, I see you, I am one of you.

Learn to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace your vulnerability and your courage.

Poder Signature Program

3 private 1:1 weekly calls every month (total of 9)

Support through Practice Better Messenger

Trauma-informed mindset counseling

Deep Dive into learning nervous system regulation

 Sessions include: PolyVagal Theory, Somatic Experiencing, Neuroscience

Learning simple and profound tools, practices, exercises to self-regulate

This Program Is For You. 

You are firstgen Latina who is career driven, in academia or just a “professional” that believes she can do more, is battling imposter syndrome, difficulty having self-compassion, self-doubt, perfectionism, battling a sense of belonging in professional or academic spaces wants to be fully her authentic self, is ready to finally understand her body in a physiological, emotional, mental way. Has been working on herself, healing, possibly in therapy but wants to go deeper than talk therapy and understand her nervous system and implement somatic practices to self-regulate her nervous system. Is committed to a 3 month program, willing to work on herself, and be held accountable. 

Cura Signature Program “Curando el Alma"

This 3-month coaching program includes:

  • 10-healing sessions to guide you through nervous system regulation, emotional and spiritual work
  • Action steps, meditations & integrative work
  • Customized herbal formula for your nervous system
  • Private group community
  • 1:1 coaching sessions

Are you ready to unpack your trauma (personal and generational?) My signature program will help you:

  1. Heal the relationship with yourself, your ancestors and rediscover your inner knowing
  2. Strengthen your intuition
  3. Learn tools to dismantle anxiety, stress, and negativity
  4. Curando el alma to live authentically and abundantly free

Naturopathic Health telemedicine Visit (60-90 min)

Naturopathic Medicine entails the use of non-invasive holistic therapies to address the underlying root cause of disease and to help you feel better from the inside out.

Allow me to educate and empower you to create & cultivate a sustainable and long-lasting friendship with your health and watch yourself heal. Your thorough Naturopathic visit involves obtaining essential information about your medical and social history, reviewing your medications, discussing your health goals, and getting an overall picture of you and your health, so you can vivir tu vida.


  • Chronic fatigue
  • Burn out 
  • Brain Fog
  • Chronic Stress & Nervous System Dysregulation
  • Sleep issues
  • Immunity Support
  • Hormonal Imbalance testing 

Vida: JAMPⒸ Sessions (90 min) (Coming Soon)

Jungian Advanced Motor Processing enables you to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are result from disturbing life experiences.

Your mind can often heal itself naturally, in the same way as the body does. JAMP uses an advanced hypnotic technique to release patterns that have been stored in the body due to dissociation caused by our natural defense mechanisms. Bi-cortical stimulation keeps a person calm so they can process events that are triggering.

The treatment helps reintegrate the connections between your brain’s memory networks, enabling your brain to process the traumatic memory in a very natural way. Through the ability to be in one’s own body and not dissociated, you can finally experience healing and vivir tu vida.

Complimentary Soul Discover Call: FREE

Thinking about booking a session with me, but want to find out if it would be a good fit for you? I invite you to book a FREE 20-minute call with me. During the call, I’ll ask questions to understand you better and provide a safe place for you to share your needs and your goals. By the end of the call, you’ll understand which service is best to provide the freedom you crave.

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